Tribute to Tewa

Tewa was my first Lhasa apso.

8/15/96 – 11/5/13.

Understanding the connection between a dog and its owner is almost impossible to explain to someone who has never experienced what they come to mean to us. Tewa entered our lives just under 18 years ago, and was born 8/15/96 She was a gift to my precious Joshua…his first puppy. He was very strict and expected her total loyalty. The amazing thing is she gave it to him. Oh no, she wasn’t perfect, but she definitely suited her owner and was a GOOD DOG! Even when Joshua grew up and became a man with a life of his own, her ears would perk up if he came home…he was her master. She was my friend too. She opened the doors to the world of Lhasas, and I realized pretty quickly that she had something special and unique; something that I really liked. She helped me to begin an amazing journey through the world of Lhasa apsos. What an amazing breed! She showed me that this ancient breed of dogs was truly the living example of man’s best friend (and woman’s too) The last couple of years have been tough. Her sight has failed her and her hearing is almost non-existent but she still managed her playful little hops each morning as she headed out the door to greet the day. My favorite Tewa moment was when she finished her bath. She would run back and forth through the house like a tornado, rubbing on everything that would allow for drying. She always skipped when she trotted … her very own special walk!

I made her a promise that when her life became painful she would not be allowed to suffer and when she could not get up due to a slipped disk we hurried her to the vet. He tried several things but the condition did not improve. No, today she stopped having a skip in her walk, a wag in her crocked little tail or any joy in moving about and I knew it was time. I cry rarely, tough as nails I am, but as I type this, following the death of my little girl, my heart breaks. She was a wonderful little friend. I looked forward to seeing her in the morning and prayed every night that at 18 she would be there to greet me the next morning. I know now that she will not be there tomorrow morning and my heart aches. Old age is painful and loss of a friend like Tewa nearly unbearable. No amount of time makes it easier. I love you little Tewa. You will be missed!