Tribute to My Best Friend

Seneca, You Are Gone from this World, but My Heart Will Never Forget You.

On February 6, 1995, I met my best friend for the 1st time. Now, as I sit to pen a tribute to this special girl, I’m not sure how or where to begin. She far exceeded the demands of true friendship. Her commitment to our relationship was unconditional. She forgave me every time I was unkind, impatient, angry, foolish, forgetful and sometimes just plain selfish. Her forgiveness was absolute, and she never once held a grudge or displayed resentment for those many times I wronged her. She appreciated me not just for what I did for her, but for what I meant to her. She never tired of my presence, nor did she ever prefer anyone’s friendship over mine. I was “her very best friend”. She was always warm to, and respectful of our other friends, yet she never made me feel slighted because her whole devotion was always mine. She listened to me without the need to comment, judge or criticize how I thought and felt. Her deep brown eyes reflected back to me her appreciation of being my confidante. She was amazing, never trying to best me or prove she was better. Our every moment together was precious to her. She wasted none of it. Not once did she take our friendship and love for granted. Her appreciation and devotion were unfailing. I don’t believe she ever complained. Her life was complete as long as I was somewhere in it. Oh, to have one day with her now; one day to give her my undivided attention as she gave me; one day to give her my unconditional love. Life is short and hers was too short compared to mine. Now, all I have is our memories. For the rest of my life she will remain “My Best Friend”.

Seneca passed away in summer of 2003.

She had a rare disease, a human disease that very few dogs have ever been subjected to … but then again she always believed she was human.