Puppy Wait List

This is the list of all confirmed reservations for Absosengkye puppies

Update:  March 2021

I can add no more individuals to the waiting list at this time.  Even taking into consideration that I work with three other breeders, I am not comfortable trying to meet the needs of this many people. 

When I am able to begin adding people to the list again, I will remove this note, but for the time being it does not seem fair to me to continue to add people when it could become necessary to make them wait more than 6 months.

Thank you very much for your understanding.

1James SF1
2Tenzing A?1
3Joe & Betty D?1
4Donna SF1
5Allan M?1
6Gayle G?1
7Anita A.M1
8Patrick Z.?1
9David W.F1
10Catherine HM1
11Bob & Heather AF1
12John & ArleenF1
13Joseph and Kara N?1
14Sanford & Jill M.M1
15Arthur & Sallie F.F1
16Cindy P.F1
17Judith H.?1
18David & Nancy S.M1
19Mary D.M1
20Lynn C.M1
21Laura R. & Daniel C.M1
22Rumi H.M1
23Nikki L. & Chad S.?1
24Mary T.?2
25Anna S.M1
26Jenevieve D.?2
27Patrice J.M1
28Marcelle D.?1
29Janice V.1M