More About Us

Dear Friends,
Hello and welcome to the Absosengkye Kennel website.

My three greatest loves are God, family and my Lhasa apsos.  Being a wife and mother is the greatest honor and blessing.  Being a Lhasa apso breeder and raising Lhasa apso puppies truly adds a fantastic dimension to my life. I have been blessed with 6 wonderful children; Roger (a carpenter/ cabinetmaker) & his wife Raven (full time wife and mother of 6 homeschooled kids), Ruth (full time wife and mother of 6 homeschooled kids) & her husband John, Joshua (in the Navy and actively protecting our country), Jessica (working wife and mother of 3) & her husband Andrew, James (Fema) and his lovely fiancée Jiana and Angelina-Marie (student).

My husband Anthony and I, Kimberly, live here in upstate NY, nestled in the base of a mountain with our beautiful Lhasa apsos.  We also have 16 wonderful grandchildren: Skyler, Johnathan, Lilly-anna, Hailey, Elizabeth, Calihan, Peyton, Roger IV, Christina, Mateo, Ford, Wade, Daniel, Gideon, Matthew and our latest, Donald Anthony.  I am blessed beyond measure.

Why the Lhasa apso? For many years I raised a variety of large breed dogs. I enjoyed the stamina and devotion of larger breeds. I also found larger breeds generally more intelligent and less vocal than their smaller counterparts.

Small, yappy dogs were very annoying. They were often snappy and unpredictable. I had never considered purchasing a dog that would weigh less than 75 lbs. full grown. My husband and I decided to purchase a puppy for our two sons, Joshua and James. We wanted something easier to care for than our usual large breeds.

The search was on. Could there be a “Big” small dog out there? I began my research with a list of necessary requirements. The dog must not be a consistent barker. This point eliminated nearly half of all smaller breeds. It must be good with all ages. That left out several more breeds. Another concern for me were genetic health issues. I wanted a breed that was relatively hardy with few genetic problems. That reduced my remaining list drastically. One of my sons suffered with childhood asthma. I wanted to eliminate all heavy shedders. One of the few remaining dogs on my list was a non-shedding breed called the Lhasa apso.  After years of combatting fur this was quite a find!

The Lhasa apso breed was hardy and had only a small handful of genetic ailments, most of which were relatively avoidable through a careful breeding program. They were good watch dogs but not aggressive. The general consensus agreed they are good with children when raised with them and, of course, both are taught mutual respect. They see themselves as large dogs, are loyal, intelligent and they don’t shed.

I had finally found my “Big” small dog. We purchased our first Lhasa in 1996. Our family has been in love with them ever since. We have worked to raise Lhasa apsos that exemplify the unique Lhasatude associated with the breed and meet the breed standards without sacrificing the overall health and original beauty of the Lhasa apso.

The Lhasa apso puppy breeder is becoming harder to locate as fewer breeders stay active.  Many of my customers come from far away due to the lower numbers of puppies available. 

The AKC is the most reputable, established registry in the USA.  Many organizations strive diligently to eradicate the breeding of purebred dogs believing pet ownership is wrong or that purebreds should not exist.  Purebreds provide pet ownership that consistently meets specific needs, whether the desire is for a watch dog, guard dog, herding dog, lap dog, or search and rescue dog. 

Many of my customers have children with asthma. Lhasas have been blessed with very little dander and shedding because they have hair instead of fur.  This is the result of careful and selective breeding.  The dedicated generations of committed Lhasa apso breeders, tracing all the way back to the Tibetan Monks, has produced this intelligent, loyal, non-shedding and tenacious watch dog. 

We welcome visitors to meet our Lhasa apso family. If you have already owned or presently own a Lhasa apso then you know why they are such captivating friends. However, if you are new to the Lhasa apso experience, prepare for a life long love.

The Lhasa Lady Kimberly