About Us

Lhasa Apso parti-color puppy red Christmas Bell collar.

Devoted to the Lhasa apso breed since 1996

We have raised Lhasa apsos since 1996. The Lhasa apso is an intelligent, loyal, hardy, low-shedding companion breed originally from Tibet.   They served as inside watchdogs in Tibetan monasteries as well as devoted companions to the local people. The Tibetan name for the Lhasa apso is “Abso Seng Kye”, which means “Bark Lion Sentinel Dog”.

The Tibetan Lhasa apso diet is a controversial subject.  In Tibet meats include mutton, yak, and goat. (Many Tibetans won’t eat fish. They believe fish in the lakes of Tibet are holy). Cheese, butter, and yogurt made from the milk of the female yak are also eaten.  Barley is another staple.  The Lhasa apso probably ate what their owner ate.

Lhasas typically live about 12-16 years in the US.  The oldest known Lhasa apso lived for 29 years.  This ancient breed is actually one of the most closely related to the “wolf” according to DNA studies.


What We Do

Parti-color dark sable and white Lhasa Apso puppy standing on table.

Breeding: A Lhasa apso puppy stole our hearts in 1996. From that first puppy, we decided to become more involved with this wonderful breed. For over 20 years, we have dedicated ourselves to improving our breeding program every day and every way we can.

Black Lhasa apso dog owned and loved by a child. Lhasa apsos love their children!

Training: We believe in the daily socialization of our Lhasa apso puppies. While this does not mean every Lhasa will ultimately grow up to love children, early socialization helps the puppy gain confidence around children. Continued efforts by new owners is key to sustaining this confidence.

Showing the Lhasa apso - Oreo Cookie by Absosengkye owner and breeder Kimberly Logue and AKC Judge at Great Barrington Dog Show.
Absosengkye’s Oreo Cookie taking best of breed on April 4, 2004.  Judge said she was flashy! My first show and I was hooked…..OMG…..Oh what a feeling!

Showing: Our dogs have participated in many dog shows and have done very well in the show ring
It is our hope to return to showing in the near future.